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Primo Arellano gets haircut from daddy Drew and here’s his cute reaction

Primo Arellano just got a haircut from daddy Drew Arellano and it appears the three-year-old is a little less impressed with the hair cutting skills of his parent. TV host and mom Iya Villania shared a poll question on Instagram asking netizens who they think cut Primo’s hair accompanied by a photo of her son’s […]

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Iya Arellano shares how to make bath time fun for kids

Even with Baby Alana, the newest addition to the Arellano family, TV host Iya Villania-Arellano makes sure she spends quality bonding time with her two boys Primo and Leon. With everyone still on quarantine, the family has been infusing fun moments into everyday routines. For the mom of three, bath time is when she interacts […]

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WATCH: Iya Villania documents exact moment she gave birth to baby Alana

Mommy of three Iya Villania offered a glimpse into what it’s like to give birth in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In a YouTube vlog uploaded on August 2, the Chika Minute host documented the day she gave birth to Casa Arellano’s princess, baby Alana Lauren.  Despite the painful contractions, Iya was still bubbly […]

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Iya Villania stuns netizens, celeb friends with post-pregnancy body

Just a week after giving birth, mommy of three Iya Villania showcased her postpartum figure in a social media post. On her Instagram post, she shared photos she took right after delivering her baby girl and those she took a week after giving birth.  The first row of photos showed the host’s red stomach while […]

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It’s a girl!: Drew Arellano shares first photo of newborn daughter

Casa Arellano now has a princess!  Iya Villania-Arellano has given birth to a baby girl.  Her husband, TV host Drew Arellano, shared on Saturday a first glimpse of their newborn daughter, revealing her name in the caption: “ALANA LAUREN V. ARELLANO. July 18, 2020”. In an Instagram story, Iya shared that she had quite a […]

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WATCH: Iya Villania celebrates 34th birthday with power workout

Host Iya Villania spent her special day doing what she does best — being a mom to her beautiful boys and working out! On Instagram, Iya was pictured showing off her baby bump with her two boys.  “Never imagined this is what 34 would look like for me ? it was a good day ❤️ […]


IN PHOTOS: Anne Curtis goes down memory lane

Anne Curtis took her Instagram followers on a stroll down memory lane. The actress and television host said she went through her old tagged photos and realized how important it was to capture moments of our lives.  Her first photo was with sister-in-law Solenn Heussaff. The two are seen in their bikinis, enjoying drinks in […]