Iya Villania stuns netizens, celeb friends with post-pregnancy body


Just a week after giving birth, mommy of three Iya Villania showcased her postpartum figure in a social media post.

On her Instagram post, she shared photos she took right after delivering her baby girl and those she took a week after giving birth. 

The first row of photos showed the host’s red stomach while the second row showed a visibly smaller tummy which, she said, was achieved with the daily use of a binder. 

Iya said her diet during this period consisted of a “good mix of nutritious and food that makes her happy.” While her only workout was breastfeeding her baby Alana.

“Crazy what a mother’s body goes thru! Being so much kinder and patient with my body this time. My body isn’t where I want it to be but I’m okay with that,” she said. 

She mentioned that she is in no rush to get her body to where she wants it to be. 

“Reminding myself that recovery is just as important and enjoying every minute of it but I can’t wait to sweat again! Will fill you guys in with my journey including all the things that I feel have been helping me recover this time around,” Iya ended. 

Netizens on Instagram were shocked after seeing how quick her body bounced back. 

Iya and her husband, Drew Arellano welcomed their baby girl on July 18. They have two sons Primo and Leon. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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