Iya Arellano shares how to make bath time fun for kids


Even with Baby Alana, the newest addition to the Arellano family, TV host Iya Villania-Arellano makes sure she spends quality bonding time with her two boys Primo and Leon.

With everyone still on quarantine, the family has been infusing fun moments into everyday routines.

For the mom of three, bath time is when she interacts with her sons in a light but meaningful way.

“It’s the perfect time to indulge in silly games with them that are both fun and educational,” she exclaimed. “A huge bonus? These also create happy, lasting memories for me and my boys!”

After lathering up, they make soapy finger paintings on the bathroom walls, tub and even on themselves!

She uses Babyflo Oatmeal Bath for its colloidal oats or “natural moisturizing ingredients that bind to the skin and form a protective barrier that seals in moisture to keep the skin from drying out.”

“It also calms the skin from some skin problems due to warm temperatures,” Iya added.

They also love the brand’s shampoo because it’s free of chemicals that may irritate eyes, as well as the baby oil that serves as after-bath moisturizer.

Of course, playtime doesn’t stop when you’re at home all day. And since little boys are prone to sweating a lot, Mommy Iya always has baby powder ready for them.

“Babyflo Powder Heavenly White keeps their sweat at bay, leaving their skin comfortably dry and soft. My boys still smell sweet and huggable, even after running around!” 

Now, we can’t wait to hear Iya’s bonding moment stories with all her three children.