Iya Villania reveals she gave birth to her youngest child without anesthesia


Iya Villania revealed that she finally succeeded in giving birth without any pain reliever. 

The mom of four said a natural birth has always been an experience she wanted for herself. 

On a YouTube video that captured the precious moments when she gave birth to her and her husband’s bunso Astro, she gushed over her personal milestone. 

“I’ve always wanted to experience the whole birthing without the pain reliever, without the anesthesia. Out of the four deliveries, finally, we succeeded,” she said. 

While her birth to Astro took the longest out of her four pregnancies, she proudly shared that it was her healthiest pregnancy journey. 

She explained: “Out of my four pregnancies, now that I’ve finally delivered Astro, I think it’s safe to say that this is also my healthiest pregnancy because I was more mindful of my eating.”

Iya compared her past pregnancies to her recent one, sharing that she weighed less and was able to work more this time around. 

“Even if my first trimester may have been the hardest out of my past pregnancies. The rest of my pregnancy was probably the best in terms of feeling,” she said. 

Iya gave birth to her newest bundle of joy on June 4. 

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