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About Us is the online hub of the entertainment sections of the No. 1 broadsheet, The Philippine Star and the No. 1 tabloid, Pilipino Star Ngayon, in the Philippines.

The best of the best from the entertainment pages of Pilipino Star Ngayon and The Philippine Star join forces in this one stop site for reliable and reader-friendly news, views and reviews on entertainment, arts and pop culture.

PS and PSN have always been the strongest and most trusted print brands, especially when it comes to everything and anything entertainment. The online hub ups the ante by providing informative, insider and inspiring content on the country’s celebrity world faster and in real time.

The comprehensive entertainment coverage is complemented by content on related topics such as lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, relationships, beauty and wellness for the ultimate reading pleasure for our audience.

Primary Audience

The working woman who follows celebrity news and gossip. She’s crazy about celebrity culture and looks at celebrities and their interests as aspirational and inspirational. She consumes celebrity-oriented content that she can relate to and help her level up in life, looks, self-image.

Secondary Audience

The millennial with FOMO (fear of missing out), who wants on-demand, bite-sized, insider and relatable content about their likes and dislikes in entertainment and pop culture.


The overseas Filipino worker, who wants to be forever updated with happenings, trends and good news at home. He/She also looks for useful information and ideas on what to do with their hard-earned money, as well as where to go and what to experience when they come home.

Hot News for the freshest and latest entertainment headlines, plus events and other showbiz-related chika delivered in real time.

Spotlight offers exclusives, interviews, behind-the-scenes, reviews and other juicy chika about your celebrity idols, favorite concerts and artists, and TV shows both here and abroad.

OMG is all about the viral, trending and buzz-worthy chika on and off line.

Hugot talks on love and relationships, family life and everything in between. It offers heart-to-heart chika and advise for all kinds of relationships—from parent and child, couples, to the single, brokenhearted.

Best Life presents #BestLifeEver pegs and goals, and all the tips and chika to follow on how to be biyahe ready, fit and fab, financially ‘wais’, tech-savvy, etc.

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