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Alice Dixson: ‘I don’t feel 51’

Alice Dixson is not shy to announce her age, saying she’s “feeling young at 51”. In an Instagram post of bikini photos, Alice shared one beauty hack of hers, which is getting Vitamin D from the early morning sun. “Take advantage of this offer while supplies last,” she wrote. Recently, the veteran actress and vlogger […]

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Alice Dixson finally bares truth behind ‘taong ahas’ urban legend

“This is the time to set things straight.” In her YouTube channel, Alice Dixson bared her truth on the “taong ahas” story she was involved with in the past.  Back in the ’80s, rumors of the actress almost getting captured by a beast which was half-man and half-snake circulated. In her video, she shared many […]

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Horsing around: Alice Dixson gets bit by a horse

On her Facebook account, actress and commercial model Alice Dixson shared a video of her getting bit by a horse.  In the beginning of the video, the actress was introducing Blue Moon, the horse. She was cut off by Blue Moon when it suddenly bit her chest. She then realized it was because of her […]