Alice Dixson reveals kilig photo with her ‘forever’


Alice Dixson has introduced her “forever” on social media.  

The veteran actress shared a photo of her and her mystery man all cuddled up at the beach.  

“My forever,” she wrote in the caption.  

Alice even described her and the man in the photo as “mama and papa”. 

In previous interviews, the actress has hinted at dating a hotelier.

It was in April when the 51-year-old announced that her “newest little family member” has finally arrived after 10 years of waiting.  

On her social media post, she smiled from ear-to-ear as she held up a piece of paper showing a newborn baby’s footprints.  

Since then, Alice continues to be a proud mom of her baby girl.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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