Alice Dixson finally bares truth behind ‘taong ahas’ urban legend


“This is the time to set things straight.”

In her YouTube channel, Alice Dixson bared her truth on the “taong ahas” story she was involved with in the past. 

Back in the ’80s, rumors of the actress almost getting captured by a beast which was half-man and half-snake circulated. In her video, she shared many theories from Filipinos who were interested in the mysterious case. 

Alice recounted her memories from the incident, saying she was in Robinson’s Galleria to shoot a movie.

When she was asked by their production team to change her clothes, she headed to a bathroom stall and said: “Tuklaw tuklaw.”

“I don’t really know kung bakit ko yun ginawa. Siguro kasi I was just being funny, I was trying to get a laugh sa mga kasamahan ko,” she said. 

A few days later, she said, news of her getting bitten or eaten by a snake was made public. She revealed that a representative from the popular mall had contacted her but she dismissed their attempts to reach out to her. 

“I also hypothesized that, meron kasing mass communication curriculum ang isang school that it had a particular project to disseminate information to see how far, how convoluted and how long information could spread and I believed they used this story,” she shared. 

She also suggested that perhaps her silence on this matter contributed to how the rumor was amplified.

“Pag merong hindi totoong rumor, if there’s something false that’s circulating, naniniwala ako na hindi ko kailangan patulan. I don’t have to be defensive about it kaya that’s one of my reasons why di ako nag kumento noon,” said Alice. 

Finally, she confirmed that “nothing really happened” the way people thought it did. 

“What I’m saying is that nothing really happened in the way that the urban legend or myth dictates,” she clarified. 

Watch her video here:

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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