Alice Dixson introduces eldest daughter 


Alice Dixson has introduced her eldest child to her fans on social media. The celebrity mom made the reveal when she greeted herself for Mother’s Day.  

On Instagram, she explained that her daughter Sassa’s father was protective, which is why she wasn’t able to make a formal introduction when her daughter was a teen.  

“Being a mom is a gift. I’ve been very lucky in my lifetime to experience it twice; 1st with Sassa our panganay. Ng dumating nabuo ang munting pamilya,” she said.  

Now that Sassa has grown older, Alice is ready to show off her daughter.  

“Pero ngayon na young lady na siya at masters grad pa – the world is now her oyster. I’m so very proud the woman you are becoming… beautiful inside and out,” she wrote.  

In the snaps the actress shared, she included photographs with her youngest daughter’s face still hidden.  

It was in April of last year when Alice made the revelation that her “newest little family member has arrived”.  

Since then, she has yet to reveal her second daughter’s face to the public.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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