Alice Dixson shares sneak peek of her ‘baby A’


Alice Dixson is a glowing first-time mom with “baby A”! 

On a social media post, the 51-year-old actress gave a sneak peek of her baby when she shared a video showcasing her brother’s property abroad.  

In the video, the happy mom held her baby as she walked around the property one last time before they leave the country. 

She also revealed her baby’s gender when she mentioned that she hopes she and her baby girl will return to her brother’s place when the pandemic is over.  

“I wish we could come back, Baby A and I, when she’s a little bit bigger and when COVID is done,” she said.  

In a past post, showing her gear as she took her baby out for a stroll, the 51-year-old said they will be flying back to Manila in April. She teased her upcoming vlog on how to fly solo with a newborn.  

“Truth be told: I’m a bit anxious about flying back to Manila this month with travel restrictions, Covid & all,” she wrote.  

It was on April 2 when Alice surprised her followers when she announced the arrival of her “newest family member.” In an Instagram post, she said she has been praying for this blessing for 10 years now. 

“For those of you who really know me — you’ve known that I’ve been praying for this every year on my birthday for 10 years now. Each year — my wish the same when I blew out my candles,” she said.  


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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