Paolo Guico shares before and after of fitness growth 


Ben&Ben’s Paolo Guico celebrated reaching his fitness goals with an amazing before and after of his weight loss journey.  

The OPM musician took to social media to share a snap of him and his toned figure beside a snap of his face from a few years back. 

“These pictures represent years of hard work and sacrifice. Today, I just wanted to celebrate this growth with all of you. Thanks for being there to cheer me on at my lowest moments. I hit my goal weight this week, finally,” he wrote in the caption.  

He then encouraged his fans who are on a path of growth to do the work for themselves and their loved ones.  

“You have so much to offer to the world. I know you’re working hard. You got this. You’re not alone. I’m rooting for you. I’m with you,” he said.  

Paolo added that in the snaps he shared, he is also celebrating his stretch marks and his past self stating that both are “awesome”. 

It was just a few days ago when the nine-piece band’s vocalist shared that he has finally reached his goal weight and even found love in a new activity – running.  

“I was never really a runner. I started from not being able to run straight for 2 minutes, to conquering 21 km. I want to unapologetically celebrate this moment because it took literal blood, sweat, and tears to get to this point,” he shared.  

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