WATCH: Sarah Lahbati learns practical shooting skills


An action star in the making? Sarah Lahbati looks like a pro as she showed off her skills at the shooting range.  

The actress took to social media to share the moments from her first day of practical shooting training.  

“Day one of practical shooting training under the guidance of @gpibssss & the best supporter/husband @richardgutz,” she wrote in the caption.  

In the video, the celebrity mom took on the range looking fierce as she shot the targets.  

Meanwhile, her husband Richard Gutierrez also shared a short clip of him training at the shooting range.  

Sarah and Richard are definitely thrill seekers as they spent this year with some of the most adventurous activities.  

Back in August, the couple took their eldest son Zion on a thrilling paragliding adventure in Switzerland.  


Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez take son Zion on a thrilling paragliding adventure 

Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez go dirt biking with son Zion 

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