Richard Gutierrez likes then unlikes Barbie Imperial’s IG pic


By Rie Realingo

Nothing is more than confusing when a hint gets taken back as Richard Gutierrez liked one of Barbie Imperial’s Instagram posts, only for him to take it back hours later.

Entertainment site Fashion Pulis recently posted evidence of Richard liking the actress’ post on July 8.

The photos featured the said actor’s Instagram handle in the likes section.

Screenshot from Fashion Pulis

This made fans push further with their inkling of the two’s real score.

“Bagay, opposite attract,” a netizen commented with the rumors that they are now together.

“Barbie is enjoying her youth. Walang masama,” another added.

However, this hint was eventually replaced with confusion and more speculations upon the actor unliking the said post.

If anyone is to go back to the actress’ said post, Richard’s Instagram username, @richardgutz, is nowhere to be found in the likes section anymore.

These dating rumors continue to spread especially when just recently on her Instagram story, Barbie was seen posting a gym photo with a guy that has the same physique as the actor.

There was also a sighting of the two being in South Korea, which makes the allegations harder to deny.

Considering these mixed signals, netizens are wondering whether the said actress is involved with Richard and her wife Sarah Lahbati’s split.

However, no confirmation regarding their relationship status, nor an official statement involving Barbie to the couple’s end.

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