Coco Martin to star in Brillante Mendoza film


It’s official! Coco Martin will be back on the big screen in a new film by acclaimed filmmaker Brillante Mendoza.  

The actor’s participation in the upcoming Kapampangan film Apag was confirmed by his co-star, veteran actress Gladys Reyes.  

On a social media post, she gushed over the “memorable experience” of finally working with the two big names in the industry.  

“Enjoyed talking to Coco and hearing stories from him in between takes. I admire how humble and hardworking he is. Looking forward to our next shooting days. Grateful to you Lord for this,” she wrote. 

Another post, featured the other stars – such as veteran actresses Gina Pareño and Jaclyn Jose, included in the cast of the film.  

“Working with these multi-awarded actors and director in one movie is indeed a big blessing! Having so much fun with them and at this early, we’re already like a big family on the set,” she said in the caption.  

As of writing, it has yet to be confirmed if Coco’s rumored girlfriend Julia Montes will join the star-studded cast.  

It was in July when the two were spotted in Pola, Oriental Mindoro to prepare for an upcoming film.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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