Bimby on mom Kris Aquino’s health situation: ‘I don’t really cry eh’


By Rie Realingo

Bimby, youngest son of Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, shared his personal sentiments regarding his mother’s health condition highlighting how he has long accepted her situation. 

In a candid interview with showbiz columnist, Ogie Diaz, Bimby expressed how his acceptance of his mom’s condition did not come to him so easily. Regardless, the 17-year-old is thankful with whatever moments he has with her.

“Swerteng swerte na ako [sa] 17 years with my world, my universe,” Bimby responded when asked about his time with his mom.

That goes to show Bimby’s trust and conviction with their faith, although a long thorough process, he has learned to just trust in God’s will. As per him, whatever time God gives to him and his mother, he learned to accept it already.

“After acceptance, you learn to surrender,” he added when Ogie asked more about his “advance acceptance.”

This new state of mind allowed Bimby to embrace and cherish the present time more. He even mentioned that among all things, his mother’s laugh is the best thing he can hear everyday.

The Queen of All Media’s son remarked that the love he feels for his mother is in fact indescribable.

Despite her crucial condition, Kris never fails to reassure her son, saying that she will fight for both of her kids regardless of the tough battle she is going through. “Fighter si mama,” Bimby remarked.

And when asked when was the last time he cried, Bimby responded with, “I don’t really cry e. Kasi, that’s how strong my faith is in my mom, saka kay Lord.”

When questioned about the matter of the hearts, Bimby giggled and refused to speak on behalf of her mom’s current relationship. This is where Kris stepped in and took over, talking about her lovelife and current condition.

In the said interview, Kris confirmed her relationship with a non-showbiz doctor and the reason behind her split with former boyfriend, Batangas governor Mark Leviste. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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