‘Makulit lang but very good guy’: Bimby Aquino comments on his mom Kris Aquino’s new non-showbiz boyfriend


By: Lance Joseph Martinez

Kris Aquino’s son, Bimby, confirmed that his mom and former Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste broke up on Kris Aquino’s birthday.

In an exclusive interview from Orange County, California, Ogie Diaz, self-proclaimed “Patron ng Hiwalayan,” asked Bimby about Kris Aquino’s love life. Bimby revealed that his mom and Mark Leviste ended their relationship last February due to long-distance issues. The “Queen of All Media” herself stated, “Definitely, wala nang balikan dahil may mga nalaman ako na hindi ko gusto,” referring to her and Leviste’s relationship.

Kris Aquino reveals breakup with Mark Leviste; politician posts ‘Love never fails’

Bimby also shared that his mom is currently dating a non-showbiz doctor. Describing the new partner, Bimby said, “Makulit lang, but a very good guy.”

Kris added, “He’s a doctor, that’s part of the reason why it’s easy, kasi alam niya kung ano ang pinagdadaanan ko.” She mentioned that her partner is a big reason why she feels confident about returning to the Philippines, as he will help take care of her.

Kris revealed that her partner, who is still unnamed, is a non-showbiz doctor based in Makati, Philippines. She clarified that he is not the reason for her breakup with Mark, as there was a significant gap between the time of their breakup and meeting her current partner.

Meanwhile, netizens have expressed their positive reactions to Bimby on social media, with “Bimby” trending nationwide. One user tweeted, “I hope in the future he will develop his own style and soon a distinct personality with just hints of his mom. I am so rooting for Bimby.” Another replied, “Little me ni Miss Kris pati voice! So cute!”

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