Kris Aquino says son Bimby might ‘need to work’ in Phl to pay for her medical bills


Kris Aquino personally shared the possibility that her youngest son Bimby might come back to the Philippines in February to find a job because of her medical bills.

The Queen Of All Media herself disclosed that her son might come back to the Philippines to find a source of income as her medical bills were already getting “higher and higher”.

Kris and her sons, Joshua and Bimby, are currently in the United States for her ongoing medical tests and treatments for her auto-immune diseases.

Aquino recently shared updates on her health condition in a series of Instagram posts, revealing that she is highly likely at the initial stage of lupus.

She began her post with a belated holiday greeting for her followers, “It’s been awhile… sorry for not greeting all of you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.”

“Since thanksgiving [I]’ve felt very weak, [I] lost my appetite (conside­ring [I] was existing mostly on milk), my headaches were on a daily basis,” Kris wrote.

“The cold weather didn’t bother me at all, in fact waist down my skin would feel warm to the touch, sometimes to the point that my jammies would be soaked in sweat… [I] was having dizzy spells, and my BP had very weird fluctuations,” she added.

“I’m already exhibiting many symptoms for another autoimmune connective tissue disease- it’s highly likely based on my ANA count, my high inflammatory numbers, my anemia, my now constant elevated blood pressure at night, and the consistent appearance of the “butterfly rash” on my face that I’m at the initial stage of SLE or what’s commonly known as lupus,” the seasoned host shared in a separate post.

One of Kris’ followers, Cristine Calawod, an artist handler under Cornerstone Entertainment, left a comment on her post, expressing her support for the host-actress.

“Love you madam! Be well. We are all praying for you!,” the comment read.

Kris responded to her follower, sharing Bimb’s possible return to the country.

“Bimb might go home after my birthday. He needs to work because my medical bills are already getting higher & higher,” replied Kris.

It can be recalled that Bimby made headlines last year after having a meeting with executives from Cornerstone Entertainment, hinting at his possible entry into the showbiz industry.

The celebrity mom further added that she is not a fan of the idea of changing Bimby’s name, mentioning a famous rapper-singer who uses a single name for his stage name.

“The stage mom is already saying NO to a name change. He’ll stay as Bimb. No last name, like Drake,” Kris affirmed.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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