Andi Eigenmann shares daughter Lilo’s adorable snaps before leaving ‘concrete jungle’ 


Andi Eigenmann is definitely ready for her and her family to return to their island home.  

The mother of three recently shared the cutest snaps of her daughter basking in the “concrete jungle” as they prepped to head back home to Siargao.  

“I know the scenic coconut trees will still not be as lush and green as (they) used to be, but to us, there’s just no place like home,” she wrote on an Instagram post.  

In the snaps, her baby girl Lilo flashed her brightest smile for the camera as she posed in front of the window overlooking Metro Manila.  

In a past social media post, Andi shared how their life had been like in Manila after typhoon Odette hit Siargao.  

“My kids know for sure this is not ‘home’, but having both of us around somehow makes everything better. Although soon, papa will be going back to the island again, I am more than happy to focus on our children for the both of us knowing that he is able to help better from there,” she wrote.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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