Albie Casiño responds to bashers over comment on late Jaclyn Jose


Albie Casiño doesn’t care about people’s opinions over his comment on the passing of Jaclyn Jose, the mom of his ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

Following Jaclyn’s death early in March, Albie was asked during a press conference if he was able to personally pay his last respects at the wake of Jaclyn.  

The actor drew criticisms after frankly responding that he was not at all affected by the matter and felt that his presence would not even be welcomed. 

Albie Casiño asked if he attended late Jaclyn Jose’s wake: ‘I don’t think my presence would be welcome’

Albie reiterated his stand at a recent interview with PIlipino Star Ngayon’s Salve Asis when asked if he feels regret over his comments, saying he doesn’t give a care to people’s opinion about him. 

“No regret…I don’t care about how people react, di ba? But, like, that was just an honest question. I just answered it honestly,” Albie 

“People die every day, and of course, it’s always sad when somebody dies, but I’m not affected by that.” added the actor.

The actor also has this message to his bashers: “Why would I care what somebody has to say on the internet? If I want your opinion I will ask for it”.

Albie is known to be on bad terms with Andi following the publicized paternal controversy in 2011 when the actress pointed to the former as the father of her eldest eldest child. It was only five years later when Jake Ejercito was identified as the biological father of Andi’s daughter. 

The Can’t Buy Me Love previously said Andi never apologized and claimed that he lost a million-worth of projects and endorsement over the paternal issue.

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