Jake Ejercito slams basher for bringing up past paternity issue with Andi Eigenmann


Jake Ejercito schooled a netizen after insinuating that the actor stayed mum when Andi Eigenmann accused Albie Casiño of being the father of her daughter.

The Can’t Buy Me Love star recently poked fun at a grammar test posted by Civil Service masterclass on Facebook which has his first name on it. 

“Jake is (at, in, on) home today,” read the sample question.

“Pasensya na dumagdag pa ko sa mga problema n’yo,” Jake quipped as he reposted the question on his social media accounts.

A netizen, however, lash out at Jake as he responded to the question regarding a past issue of the actor involving his ex-partner Andi and Albie.

“Jake **WAS** silent during the times when Albie Casiño was assaulted for allegedly impregnating Andi Eigenman,” the netizen wrote as published, even tagging the actor.

To which the actor bluntly replied, “[Netizens’s name] **IS** a clout chaser who comments without knowing the facts and the whole story. He can’t even spell names right.”

Andi, Jake, and Albie previously figured in controversies after the actress claimed in 2011 that Albie was the father of her firstborn.

It was only five years later when Jake was confirmed to be the biological father of her now 12-year-old daughter Ellie, through a DNA test. 

In a previous interview with Pep, Jake revealed the reason why chose to keep silent on the paternity issue. 

“It’s all because I was trying to protect Ellie. Kasi, ‘di ba, ang daming parties involved,” Jake was quoted as saying. 

Jake also shared in a separate interview back then that he owed Albie no apologies, saying, “I wasn’t the one who dragged him to the issue”, and that Albie’s family is “very close friends” with his dad, former Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

“The thing nga, personally, I didn’t pinpoint on anyone. So I don’t see a need… me, personally, to apologize. Never ko rin naman inaway si Albie or anything,” Jake was quoted as saying.

Albie, on the other hand, admitted suffering from depression and losing a ”million peso-worth” of projects and endorsements because of the paternity issue. 

In a past interview, Albie recalled meeting Jake for the first time, sharing he was first the one who approached the latter.

“Ako ang lumapit sa kanya… ‘I’m sure you know who I am. Wala akong problema sa ‘yo. I hope you have no problem with me personally’,” related Albie.

He added, “We shook hands, toast, cheers, gano’n lang.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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