Kyla shares bout with anxiety made her delete social media accounts


Kyla recently opened up about her bout with anxiety that has caused her to delete her social media accounts.

The OPM singer said it felt like Instagram and Facebook have given her anxious feelings.  

“But I just feel like everytime I would open it, someone is passively bragging about an accomplishment, travelling at this time when we can’t travel, getting new projects, etc. It’s led me to always compare myself to others. And it’s not good for me,” she explained.  

After three days of her social media hiatus, she shared that she had to download the platforms again just to connect with her family.  

She then asked her supporters on Instagram to take care of themselves, especially their mental health.  

“Take care you guys. Take care of your mental health as well. Sending you love and light,” she ended.  

Her friends in the industry such as Jona and Maricar Reyes all sent her well wishes as she goes through this time in her life.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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