Hayden Kho turns emotional as daughter Scarlet Snow finishes kindergarten


Hayden Kho is a proud dad to his unica hija Scarlet Snow.  

On social media, the celebrity doctor turned emotional after his daughter with Vicki Belo has officially finished kindergarten.  

“Time flies so fast. Our once-so-little @scarletsnowbelo is now 6yo and has just finished kindergarten today,” he wrote.  

The proud dad admitted that despite this milestone, he feels a little melancholic thinking of what could have been if he had only spent more time with Scarlet.  

“What kind of child would she be if I had spent even more time with her everything I think she needs to know to mature in the Christlike person I’d like her to be, what would she be like?” he wondered. 

In his post, he shared a cute photo of Scarlet in her toga and a flower crown.  

Hayden added: “Life involves a lot of challenges, struggles, and compromises. Lord, please keep me from tampering with the inviolables.” 

On the six-year-old’s Instagram page managed by her mom and dad, they thanked Scarlet’s teachers for educating her.  

“Pre-school was so much fun. I started so small but now I’m bigger and I know a lot more,” they wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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