Roxanne Barcelo gets engaged and married to non-showbiz partner


Roxanne Barcelo got engaged and married during this pandemic!

In a YouTube vlog on Christmas eve, the 35-year-old actress made the surprise announcement about her major life events, both of which happened amid the COVID-19 quarantine.

She first shared that she got engaged after being proposed twice. “My partner asked me to marry me and he said he wants to start a family with me. It was such a beautiful moment because he asked me twice.

“He asked me a few months into the quarantine but since naka-lockdown pa nun, all we knew that we were going to marry before the year ends,” she added.

“Totoo pala yung when you know, you know!

“I knew from the start na siya yung para sa akin.”

Towards the end of the vlog, she revealed that she actually got married before the year ended, just as planned.

“Roxanne Barcelo is officially married! I am taken! Like I said in my vlogs before, he is worth the wait. And guess what, so am I!”

In Instagram posts, she shared snaps from her wedding, describing it as “my Creator’s best gift ever.”

Meanwhile, Roxanne didn’t reveal the identity of her husband but she offered a glimpse of how he is as a person.

She recalled how he came to the rescue of her mom after her family’s Marikina home got flooded at the height of Typhoon Ulysses last November.

“Apparently, ang nangyari pala, binuhat siya ng partner ko palabas ng balur, and then saka siya sinakay. So di siya dinaplisan ng tubig, di siya naglakad sa burak, hanggang binuhat siya at sinakay sa jet ski.

“So, I’m so happy that my partner is on another level of understanding with my Nanay. Kasi si Nanay love na love siya. Dun ko nakita na kapag yung partner mo, gusto ng parents mo, iba yung flow, iba yung saya ng buhay.”

Watch the full video here.

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