Janine Gutierrez mourns passing of pet dog for 12 years


Janine Gutierrez took to social media to pay tribute to her fur friend for 12 years that recently passed away.

The actress shared her best moments with her beloved pet dog Cali, along with her special message expressing her gratitude for the years they spent together.

“It was a joy to grow up with you and it still breaks my heart that I won’t be seeing you anymore. Thanks for giving us all your love and for staying as long as you possibly could,” she wrote.

Before Cali passed away, Janine shared that she was able to say goodbye and hold her paw.

She added: “I miss you already but it gives me comfort to know that you’re probably eating all your favorite food now and running free. Know that your spot under the table is yours forever. Love you always Calibear. You’ll always be the best girl.”

Under her post, actress Chie Filomeno, who recently lost a fur baby as well, expressed her condolences.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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