Janine Gutierrez gets asked to choose between Paulo Avelino and Zanjoe Marudo 


Janine Gutierrez’s fans put the actress on the hot seat after they asked her to choose between celebrity cuties Paulo Avelino and Zanjoe Marudo.  

In a recent Youtube video, the actress treated her fans to an “Ask Me Anything” video where she answered different questions to mark her Youtube comeback.  

When asked who would she choose between the two men she has worked with, Janine had a definite answer.  

She responded: “Syempre, ano, kaka-work lang namin ni Z. But sobrang cool ni Z. I’m so happy na ka-work ko siya sa next na show, as in he’s one of the people na as in gusto ko talagang maka-work sa ABS-CBN kasi his movie with Lovi yung Malaya is one of my favorite movies. Super ganda so you guys should watch it. 

“And… Syempre, yung sagot natin would have to be Paulo Avelino,” she added.  

In the same vlog, the 33-year-old shared she will not be settling down anytime soon, adding that the approach for this matter is different for everyone.  

“I just wanna remind everyone na just because you’re at a certain age, if you’re 30 or older, it doesn’t mean that you have to get married na. I hope you don’t feel pressured or left behind dahil lang ang daming nagtatanong,” she said.  

Janine has recently been linked to her Marry Me, Marry You co-star Paulo after their adorable yet lowkey social media posts about each other.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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