‘Not by force, but by nature’: Andi Eigenmann gushes over daughter Lilo’s swimming skills 


Andi Eigenmann is the proudest mom to her and her fiancé Philmar Alipayo’s daughter Lilo when she shared how the two-year-old’s swimming skills have developed.  

The celebrity mom shared her advice for her fellow moms who are blessed with adventurous kids like her.  

“I find that a great way for little one to learn a new skill, is simply by letting them have a go at it! Trust them as they explore their capabilities and support them as they push themselves to try,” she wrote in the caption.  

On the Instagram post she shared, Andi featured her little girl having fun and even finding her balance on a surfboard while her champion surfer dad guided her.  

“Lilo has been leveling up on her swimming skills by the day, and I see that its having playmates around and being able to do fun activities in the water that motivate her to do so. Life surfing!” she said.  

Andi added that it has been a joy for her to watch her kids live their lives.  

“Not by force, but by nature,” she ended.  

The 31-year-old is definitely a happy mom. On her past social media post, she shared that her baby boy Koa is already growing up to be an adventurous kid as well.  

“And now at 15 mos I feel like another little birdy is slowly making his way to explore the big world without mama so much by his side,” shes said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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