Korina Sanchez shows son Pepe’s injury after swimming accident


Korina Sanchez recently shared a snap of her “poor but brave” son who was wounded after a swimming accident. 

On the snap, her and her husband Mar Roxas’ son Pepe had wounds on his nose and cheek. 

“Mukhang knockout sa kalaban eh? Hindi naman suntukan. He bumped his face on the steps of the pool kasi feeling swimmer na talaga sya. Nothing spaghetti and fried chicken cant make him forget,” she wrote. 

On a recent social media post, the proud mom shared a video of her kids PIlar and Pepe braving the pool on their own. 

“I watch my kids how bravely jumping into the deepest part of the pool and I cant help but think: OMG it was just like yesterday I wasnt sure they would even learn to crawl. Amazing miracle of life right?” she wrote. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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