LOOK: Korina Sanchez’s children Pepe and Pilar surprise her at work


Korina Sanchez received the best birthday gift after her twins Pepe and Pilar surprised her at work. 

The veteran journalist is currently living separately from her family as she works on her show Rated Korina. On Instagram, she marked her 56th birthday with a drive-by surprise from her precious twins. 

“My kids visited and did a surprise visit to me in their COVID-free bubble driven by husband just to give me their birthday greetings,” she wrote.

Korina’s husband Mar Roxas made the surprise possible when he drove their kids to greet their mother from their car. 

“Naunahan nila ako kase I was about to visit them at home through the glass doors. They understand Mama has to work. But I see them more often now,” she shared, 

In another post, she shared the video of her kids greeting her a happy birthday and blowing her a kiss. 

The television host also gave back the Korina way when she gave out slippers to 105 children living in an impoverished TUP Compound in Taguig.

“Giving back on your birthday in the #BestLife,” she wrote.


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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