Proud mom Korina Sanchez shares her twins’ new milestone


Proud mom Korina Sanchez took to social media to gush over her twins Pepe and Pilar’s new milestones. 

The TV broadcaster and Mar Roxas’ one-year-olds can now say their own name and age, she shared on her Instagram page. 

“MILESTONE. Guess what?! When I came back home days ago after weeks of being away… Pilar and Pepe can now say their names and even know how to say how old they are,” she said. 

In her video, she asked her babies what their names were and Pilar immediately answered her name. While Pepe responded when his mother asked, “Where’s Pepe?”

With a little more persuading, the twins were finally able to answer when Korina asked how old they were. 

During the start of the lockdown, the Rated K host became their household’s hairstylist when she gave her twins their very first haircut. 


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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