Maxene Magalona goes ‘solo’ in Boracay


Maxene Magalona is proud to go “solo” even amidst speculations that she and her husband Rob Mananquil have already broken up.  

The actress took to social media to share that she gifted herself a trip to Boracay since she was not feeling her best during the holidays.  

“I knew I wasn’t feeling my best during the holidays so instead of sulking at home, I thought — why not cry in Boracay and allow the ocean to absorb my tears?” she wrote.  

She also spoke about how silence and solitude are just some of the best remedies for those who are experiencing anxiety and depression.  

Maxene added: “Please stop asking me why I am happy and peaceful despite experiencing personal struggles and start praying to God to bless you with the same kind of inner peace that He has been giving me ever since I surrendered myself to His divine plan.”  

It was just last week when the 35-year-old addressed the speculations of netizens that she and Rob have already broken up after they found out that they no longer follow each other on Instagram.  

“It is not polite to ask people about their personal lives especially when you don’t know them personally. And even if you DO know them, you should give them space and wait for them to open up to you instead of prying and wanting to invade their privacy,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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