Maxene Magalona shares empowering message about body positivity and self-love


Maxene Magalona spoke candidly about how her body changes during her fitness journey.  

The actress penned an empowering message on how she “stumbles and falls” like everyone else in a social media post.  

“Sometimes, I’m thick. Sometimes, I’m thin. All the time, I don’t care. 

“I know I am more than my physical body. I admit there are times when I get lazy and overindulge in sweets but I’m okay with that. I also know that I am only human. I will inevitably stumble and fall,” she wrote.  

Maxene shared that even with her highs and lows, she remains hopeful in the process of her journey.  

She said: “The best that I can do is pick myself back up and hold myself gently through the process as I keep going with my head held high and my heart filled with unlimited hope.” 

In the video she shared on her social media post, the 35-year-old featured how she does her yoga routine for the day.  

In another social media post, Maxene shared a throwback snap of her sporting a two-piece swimsuit in Boracay.  

For the caption, she quoted American author Michael Singer: “You are not your body; you are the one who notices the characteristic of your body. You are the conscious awareness within that it looking at all of this. The question is: Are you willing to let go of who you thought you were?” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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