Maxene Magalona opens up about ‘getting back up after another fall’


Maxene Magalona was candid with her sentiments when she opened up on moving past an “embarrassing episode” during her journey toward healing.

The actress penned an encouraging message for her followers as she shared how she’s coping with the challenges she’s facing.

“Just when I thought I was ‘getting healed,’ I go and have another embarrassing episode where I overthink + overreact out of nowhere. This is why we should NEVER get ahead of ourself in our healing journey. It is a slow and syrupy process that requires a lot of patience, self-awareness and self-compassion,” she said.

Maxene admitted she has not been doing her spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation and believes this could have caused her reaction.

“So here I am, getting back up after another fall which is totally fine with me. Although I admit that it sucks when this happens because failing make me feel like I’m a failure. Which I am not,” she shared.

The 35-year-old maintained her need to exercise patience as she goes through her healing journey.

It was in early November when Maxene shared that she has moved out of her home with her estranged husband Rob Mananquil.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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