Karen Davila says she witnessed God’s grace once again after son’s second seizure


Karen Davila shared she was a witness to God’s grace once again after her son David suffered his second seizure. 

On social media, the broadcast journalist looked back on the incident last Monday when her son David had a seizure while exercising.

The 19-year-old was diagnosed with autism.

She recounted: “Last Monday morning, my 19 year old son David had a full blown seizure while running on the treadmill. During a seizure, the body twitches, stiffens and loses control of itself. This is the second time he has had this as an adult.”

Fortunately, Karen was able to catch him before he fell off the machine and performed basic first aid procedures.

“This is the second time I have witnessed God’s grace in my son’s life, where he has come back to us with his full faculties. I am just overwhelmed with God’s presence in our lives,” she said. 

The mother of two also shared what triggers seizures for kids in the autism spectrum. 

Karen shared that simple things like lack of sleep and feeling tired due to gluten and sugar could cause a seizure.

“I want to encourage all of you, all the moms out there that you are never alone. God loves your children more than you do. There is power in the name of Jesus,” she ended. 

It was in September of last year when David suffered his first seizure. 

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