Karen Davila says God taught her a lesson when son had a seizure


Broadcast journalist Karen Davila took to social media to share how she turned to God when her son David suffered a “full-blown seizure.”

In her Instagram post uploaded on Monday, Karen said she and her husband DJ Sta. Ana just got home from an overnight trip to Sorsogon when their son David, who was welcoming them home at their condo lobby, had a seizure. 

The ANC 24/7 host said seizures for kids with autism like David are common but he only had one episode back when he was still seven years old. 

“Thank God for my husband & the first responders of our condo lobby. They were fast thinkers, equipped to assist & knew what to do to make sure he would stay alive,” she shared.

“And all I did was shout the name of our Lord Jesus Christ non-stop, asking HIM to heal & save David.”

Thankfully, her eldest son is already doing better and is now undergoing a 24-hour video electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor his brain movement. 

“What real FAITH & LIFE LESSON did God teach me today? There is POWER in the name of Jesus Christ! It doesn’t matter who you are, what church you go to, whether you think you’re a good or bad person — calling on the name of Jesus changes everything,” she wrote. 

On Tuesday, she thanked her fellow parents who shared tips and advice on her situation.

“My deepest thanks to all those who messaged and were touched with David’s experience yesterday. Let me say, that it really is all about God’s grace and compassion. I will forever declare that,” said Karen. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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