Karen Davila reveals second bout with COVID-19 on 52nd birthday


On the day of her birthday, Karen Davila opened up on how she’s coping with her second bout with COVID-19. 

The veteran broadcast journalist shared that her recovery period this week was a time of quiet self-reflection.

“To some degree, I welcomed it – it gave me time alone, a week of pause, a break from daily life & the peace of having not to rush,” she said.

Despite her struggle with COVID-19, Davila said she woke up on her 52nd birthday feeling even more grateful. 

“I woke up today more grateful than ever for my life. The very air I breathe. My family. My children. The purpose & opportunities God has opened before me. Over & over again I live in God’s graciousness & endless mercies,” she wrote. 

Davila’s birthday was highly-anticipated by netizens after her meme-worthy moment with singer Lyca Gairanod way back in 2020. 

In an interview, the news anchor squealed with joy when she found out she shared the same birthday with the young singer. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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