Raymond Bagatsing recovers from COVID-19


Raymond Bagatsing recently revealed that he has recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive early this month.  

In an Instagram post, the actor shared a photo of his negative test result along with a quick anecdote from when he first found out he was ill.  


“After getting a Positive, I called the Doctor, that it might be a mistake, because I feel strong. Maybe weak sometimes from caloric deficit and daily IF (fasting), but I don’t feel sick at all. Or I thought so, anyway,” he wrote.  

The 53-year-old wrote that he even wanted a second tested to make sure his result was accurate but his doctor insisted that he would only get the same result.  

Upon his doctor’s advice, he isolated himself for two weeks and focused on keeping himself healthy. 

“Most times, when I work out hard and do not eat enough on that training day, I do feel my lungs weaken. I was also careful staying indoors most time unless, necessary to go out. Very minimal exposure,” he shared.  

One week into his quarantine, Raymond shared that he felt “wheezing in my lungs” and he resorted to eating better to keep his lungs healthy.  

“Moral of the story: from my experience, the psychological challenges far outweigh the virus itself or the result,” said Raymond. 

For his followers who might need it, he advised them to overcome their minds’ anxiety and fears.  

“Aim to be still, relaxed and healthy. Reach out. Believe. Keep going,” he ended.  


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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