‘Parang torture’: Angelica Panganiban reveals tear-jerking moments during COVID bout 


Angelica Panganiban was one emotional mom during her bout with COVID-19.

As seen on her recently uploaded vlog, the actress shared the tear-jerking moments during her time away from her fiancé and their baby girl.  

While in isolation, Angelica burst into tears multiple times as she shared how difficult it was to be apart from her daughter.  

“Medyo ang hirap lang nung sitwasyon kasi hindi ko maalagaan yung bata. Hindi ko mahawakan parang torture. Mas mahirap pa rin yun kaysa sa nararamdaman kong sakit,” she said on the day she received her positive result.  

After testing negative on her sixth day of isolation, the 36-year-old was finally able to reunite with her fiancé and daughter. Despite her negative result, a masked Angelica shared she would still be exercising caution around baby Amila.  

It was in early January when Angelica first revealed that she was ill from the virus. In an Instagram post, she shared a screenshot from her video call with her family, along with her positive result.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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