WATCH: Anthony Taberna’s bunso enjoys rice and bagoong meal


Anthony Taberna took pride in how her daughter can survive on a serving of rice with bagoong only.

In a recent Facebook post, Anthony a.k.a. Ka Tunying shared a clip of his youngest child Helga happily eating with her bare hands a lunch combo meal of rice and shrimp paste (bagoong).

“Hindi magugutom si Helga. Bagoong at kanin, talo talo na!” wrote Ka Tunying in the caption. 

Asked how her meal tasted, Helga replied: “Yummy.”

“Pangalawa mo na ‘yan ah,” Ka Tunying told his daughter, who corrected her father that she was already on her third helping of rice. 

Netizens, in the comments section, praised Helga for being simple and not being picky with her food.

Helga is Anthony’s second daughter with wife Rossel. Their eldest Zoey, 12, previously opened up about her battle with leukemia. 

Hindi magugutom si Helga. Bagoong at kanin, talo talo na! #lunch #tanghalian #bagoongatkanin #kamayan @rosseltaberna @helga_tbrna

Posted by Anthony Taberna on Monday, 15 February 2021
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