WATCH: Nico Bolzico pokes fun at Matteo Guidicelli’s viral unboxing video


After Matteo Guidicelli received flak for his viral Playstation 4 unboxing video, Nico Bolzico did what any good friend would do — poke fun at him for it. 

In an Instagram video, the Argentinian businessman compared how normal people would unbox packages versus how his friend Matteo would do it. 

His caption read: “Nothing to see here, just a short clip of Normal People Unboxing Gifts vs. @matteog Unboxing Gifts. No hard feeling Mat #Bolzicelli.”

While most would be careful with their packages, Nico impersonated Matteo’s seemingly harsh unboxing by shaking the box with shatterable goods. 

Matteo responded to Nico’s post, defending his actions.

“Dude you destroyed everything!!! I still handle with care! Always,” he said. 

Matteo’s unboxing video on June 2, gained the attention of gaming enthusiasts after he ripped open his brand new Playstation 4 Pro’s box.

During the video, he realized that the box and its sleeve was meant to be in good condition for the extended warranty service. 

“I just broke it. Sorry, anyway, I’m not good at unboxing. This is my first time, maybe later I can learn,” he said. 

After his video went viral, Kapuso comedian Michael V invited him to collaborate in an unboxing video of the unreleased Playstation 5. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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