‘Only Pinoys will understand’: Nico Bolzico performs ‘ancient technique’ at home


Nico Bolzico is back at it again with his hilariously relatable videos! 

The celebrity dad took to social media to share this “ancient technique” that’s proven to reduce back pain.  

“This is an ancient technique (or art) that only Pinoys will understand. It is underestimated the immense impact this technique has in general productivity by reducing back pain,” he wrote.  

In the video, Nico can be seen picking up his kids’ toys two ways – when a dad is married to a non-Filipina and when a dad is married to a Filipina.  

The latter showed the happy dad picking up toys with just his feet instead of using his arms.  

The Argentine businessman continued on to joke that his famous “Bullied Husband’s Club” will be conducting a study on this technique’s efficiency to daily life.  

“For now we are still working on perfecting this art, after 12 years in the Philippines, I am still at level 1,” he ended.  

Nico and his wife Solenn welcomed their second child together on December 14. The two revealed that they have named their daughter Maelys Lionel Bolzico after the Argentine football star. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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