‘The Bolz’ loses family cat El Gato 


Nico Bolzico expressed losing hope as El Gato, the family cat of The Bolzicos, a.k.a The Bolz, has gone missing for more than two weeks now. 

“It has been over two weeks since we lost #ElGato. Not many hopes [of] getting him back!,” the social media personality announced on Instagram with a photo of their furbaby and tili, his firstborn wife Solenn Heussaff.

Nico then penned a message bidding farewell to El Gato and wishing the best for their missing cat. 

‘We will miss you, but what I will miss the most, is the way you made Tili feel, as reflected in this pica!,” wrote Nico. 

He continued, “We can only hope that if anyone took you, that person brought you to a nice caring family, and you can make them feel the same joy you made us feel all these years!”

Solenn, meanwhile, earlier called on help via Instagram stores to bring back El Gato.

“Hi, everyone. My cat Negroni aka ‘Gato’ has been missing. I believe he was stolen as he likes to roam around, but he usually comes back,” she wrote alongside a photo of their furbaby. 

“If anyone tries to sell him to you, please [send me a direct message],” she added.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart wanders on the internet, hearts Kpop (and ofc her bias), loves everything purple. When she's not writing, she's fighting with her dear cat.