Bolzico family’s pet cat El Gato returns home


El Gato returned to the arms of the Bolzico family, nearly a month after it went missing. 

Nico Bolzico took to Instagram on Thursday to share the happy news that their beloved pet cat finally went back home. 

The Argentinian businessman and his wife, actress Solenn Heussaff, surprised their eldest daughter Tili with the return of El Gato. 

“What’s the surprise?,” Tili asked her mom in the video before Nico came in bringing El Gato close to Tili. 

Tili smiled upon the sight of El Gato, and immediately embraced and caressed their furbaby she clearly missed. 

“After 29 days and endless explanations to Tili where #ElGato is, he decides to come back!,” Nico wrote in the caption. 

He added in jest, “We are really happy but l have so many questions for him! Thanks for all the messages!”.

Nico previously expressed losing hope over finding their furbaby after it unexpectedly failed to return home in February.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart wanders on the internet, hearts Kpop (and ofc her bias), loves everything purple. When she's not writing, she's fighting with her dear cat.