After a year in Bali, Maxene Magalona is finally back home in PHL


After spending a year in Bali, Indonesia, Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil are back home in the Philippines.   

In an Instagram post, the actress shared a photo from her hotel room in Manila with the caption: “Mabuhay.” 

In another post, she thanked the hotel where they are currently in quarantine for the vegan treats they gave.  

It was March of last year when she and her husband flew to Bali to undergo yoga teacher training. After getting stranded due to the global COVID-19 lockdown, they decided to extend their stay and continue training.

Earlier this month, the 34-year-old marked their one year of staying in the island. She penned on social media how her experience has strengthened her relationship with God.  

“This has definitely been the most eye-opening and soul awakening time of my life so I just want to express how grateful I am to God for bringing us here and keeping us safe and protected this whole time,” she said.

Maxene further shared how the pandemic showed her what truly matters in life — the spiritual connection to the Divine.  

“God is the only reason why we are here on earth living and breathing so it is just right that we worship Him and give Him thanks,” she explained. 

She then opened up that in staying deeply rooted in her faith in God, she received guidance in her life journey.  

Back in October of last year, Maxene revealed that when the pandemic started, she and Rob got into a rough patch and found themselves shook, distraught and disconnected from each other. She said staying in Bali helped with the healing of their marriage.  

“This is truly the best place to be during this pandemic and we just can’t help but thank God for leading us here and for bringing us back into each other’s arms,” she wrote on Instagram.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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