Two-year-old Pinoy fan receives surprise from Beyoncé after viral ‘Beyoncé is my friend’ video 


“Beyoncé sent my baby flowers!!!” 

This is what DJ and host Bea Fabregas proudly said as she announced that her two-year-old son with sportscaster Nikko Ramos is officially friends with music icon Beyoncé.

“For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!,” Bea wrote in an Instagram post alongside a photo of her son with the bouquet of flowers and a stuffed toy Beyoncé sent over seeing Tyler’s viral video about wanting to visit the singer whom he said was his friend. 

“Beyoncé is my friend,” Tyler  casually said in the viral adorable video while out on a pizza date with his mom.

“You know her personally, she’s my friend!,” Tyler convinced Bea in the video, which now has nearly 20 million views and more than two million likes on TikTok. 

“I want to meet her,” Tyler continued to tell her mom in the video which captivated fellow Beyhives’ hearts and none other than the singer herself.

@beafabregas Tyler this whole video: Hina naman ni mama hindi kilala si Beyonce 🤨 #fyp #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – beafabregas

“She loved the video,” Beyoncé’s publicist said in a direct message to Bea as she reached out to inform the latter that Beyonce saw the video and wanted to send gifts to Tyler. 

Tyler’s gifts came with the “sweetest message that our family will now always treasure,” said Bea. 

Bea shared: “In her [Beyoncé] note (which she started out with ‘To my friend Tyler’) she said, ‘I see your halo, Tyler’,” in reference to her hit song Halo. 

She furthered: “Thank you so much for thinking of our little family @yvettenoelschure @beyonce 🥹 I mean with the amount of mentions and videos Beyonce gets everyday, it still blows our mind to know time was set aside to send this sweet gift over. My mama heart.”

Bea also thanked those who showed love for her son on social media.

“Thank you to everyone who shared it, commented, liked it. Tyler maybe too young to remember all this, but i’ll always remind him to dream big and shoot for the stars!!”.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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