John Arcilla opens up about losing 10 loved ones amid the COVID-19 pandemic


John Arcilla took to social media to share his sentiments on dealing with the death of 10 of his relatives, including his father and brother, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The veteran actor recounted how his loved ones’ deaths were all “stress-related”. 

“10 loved ones gone in a year’s time. It is the first time this thing happened and these are all stress related, either they were not going out totally or they (didn’t) want to go to hospitals, scared of contaminations. In some ways, it is all due to the pandemic climate,” he wrote.

Almost a year after his father’s death, John lost his elder brother due to heart failure. In his lengthy social media post, he asked if his brother Emmanuel really had a COVID-19-related death. 

“My brother have been suffering from diabetes and hypertension for several years now — and he was announced DEAD ON ARRIVAL due to HEART FAILURE but then He was DECLARED Covid positive by an ANTIGEN few minutes after and it is a PROTOCOL that the body should be buried in less than 24 hours,” he wrote.  

John then opened up about how bothered he is after hearing from his doctor friends that inaccuracy in COVID-19 tests is still possible.  

“I know I should blame NO ONE since the inaccuracy in medical results and diagnostics will not be taken against HOSPITALS or DOCTORS,” he wrote.  

The Heneral Luna star enumerated all his relatives who passed away during the time of COVID-19. 

After the series of unfortunate incidents, John shared that he is now better at handling devastating events like these.  

“My family, my friends and my work PUSHED my perseverance to deal with it and they made me stronger. Keeping TRUST and CONNECTION to the ALMIGHTY keeps me better everyday,” he wrote.  

Currently, there are 6,637 additional COVID-19 cases in the country, bringing the total number of active cases to 58,407. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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