Maxene Magalona chooses to be honest and honor sadness, grief


Maxene Magalona spoke from her heart when she finally opened up about how she was doing now that she’s back home in Manila.  

In an Instagram post, she shared how different life is in Bali compared to living in Manila. She mentioned that this was her first time to experience being in quarantine since they were free to go out in Bali every day.  

The actress spent almost a year in Bali, Indonesia with her husband Rob Mananquil.  

“I tried to go about my days as normally as I could and just continued with my daily routine. I even made a schedule of things to do that would keep me busy and productive. Being that ‘strong, independent woman’ that I am, I was determined to keep the situation under control,” she wrote.  

It’s not until one day, that the 34-year-old finally felt the weight of the emotions that she has been bottling up.  

Maxene explained that when she was younger, she would run away and deny how she was feeling and even turned to partying and alcohol to avoid feelings of anxiety, fear and pain. Now that she has experienced being in lockdown, she said she had no choice but to sit with these feelings.  

“Although this can be quite terrifying and painful, I actually welcome it so that I can hold space for my emotions and allow them to flow through me,” she said.  

She decided to share her “sad” photo to accept that sadness and grief is part of life.  

“We must allow ourselves to feel all our emotions and not just the ‘good’ ones because we wouldn’t even know what ‘good’ feels like if not for what makes us feel ‘bad’,” she ended.  

Maxene arrived back home from Bali in March.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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