‘English po ‘yun’: Donnalyn Bartolome explains meaning of ‘puke’ in vlog title


Singer-actress Donnalyn Bartolome felt the need to explain the meaning of the word “puke” in her vlog’s title to avoid confusion and misinterpretation among her followers. 

The 26-year-old vlogger recently addressed a baffled netizen’s query as to why her birthday vlog was titled “BIRTHDAY CAKE MUKBANG! (DID I PUKE??)” uploaded on her YouTube channel. 

In the 15-minute vlog, Donnalyn can be seen eating a slice from each of the seven cakes she received on her birthday. 

In a Facebook post, Donnalyn shared a screenshot of the fan’s comment who asked: “Ate anong, did I puke?”

To make things clear, Donnalyn then provided the definition and correct pronunciation: “English po yun ng nasuka ako. Hindi po tagalog yung PUKE ha… ‘Pyuk’ or ‘Pyewk’ yung pronunciation…?.”


Donnalyn’s response via Facebook garnered mostly “haha” reactions.

The same fan commented “sorry” on Donnalyn’s post, to which the singer replied: “Ay baby, I know your question was legit that’s why I replied. Nothing wrong with that, love u ?.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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