BINI Aiah’s plea to fans amid viral fan encounters: ‘See and respect us as human beings’


“The least we can ask for is for others to respect our personal time and our humanity.”

P-pop girl group BINI’s Aiah took to social media to address controversial incidents and request to respect her and her members’ privacy and personal time.

Aiah broke her silence via a statement posted on her Instagram story which began, “I haven’t been active lately on social media, and I haven’t been very responsive to messages, even from some of my family and friends.”

She explained that she needed time and space to process recent events and expressed gratitude to those who have been understanding and patient with her.

“The truth is, a lot of things have been happening lately, and I just needed some time and space to process them. I appreciate and am grateful to everyone who has been so kind, understanding, and patient with me,” the member wrote.

“I am blessed to have people like them, and I hope we can continue to have eyes that can see the good, mouths that can speak what’s right, and ears that can listen and understand,” she added.

Aiah went on to address the viral incident involving her and a male bar-goer in a bar in during her trip to Cebu.

The Cebuana BINI member hoped to de-stress and enjoy quality time with her family and friends. However, while she cherished these moments, she encountered instances where people disregarded her need for personal space.

“I also want to take this opportunity to speak up about my recent trip to Cebu, where I went home in the hopes of de-stressing, relaxing, and enjoying my time with family and friends,” the singer initially described her trip.

She continued, “I got to bond with them, and I was extremely happy to do so. However, there were still times when other people would not understand the need for privacy and personal time.”

“Some would directly run up to me, grab a photo (even while I was eating), post it in real-time, use my face and post it on pages or places for the sake of clout and publicity without my consent,” Aiah recounted instances were fans have become invasive towards her personal space.

She added that some individuals even included her real-time location, which raised safety concerns.

Aiah emphasized that she enjoys meeting fans and taking pictures but hopes that people respect her privacy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures with others, and I enjoy meeting people who are as passionate as we are in the world of music and entertainment. It also warms my heart to hear and see people slowly learning more about me and my group, Bini,” she explained.

Aiah expressed her hope that people recognize and respect her and her group’s humanity while mentioning that their busy work schedules limit their opportunities to go out which emphasizes the importance of their personal time.

“But I just hope that people also see and respect us as human beings. We don’t always get to go out lately because we have been busy with work, and the least we can ask for is for others to respect our personal time and our humanity,” the P-pop idol requested.

“We don’t always get to go out lately because we have been busy with work, and the least we can ask for is for others to respect our personal time and our humanity,” she added.

Aiah also reminded her followers to be kinder with their words and actions, particularly online, as negative comments can significantly impact someone’s mental well-being.

“Lastly, I also want to remind everyone to be kinder with their words and actions, especially when expressed online. You never know how much it could take a toll on somebody and affect them on a daily basis.

“I hope we can fill this world with love, respect, and positivity,” her statement concluded.

This came after Aiah and her fellow member, Maloi, made headlines after being involved in “uncomfortable” situations while they were out in public and spending time with their loved ones.

Following the incident, Star Magic’s Laurenti Dyogi also released a statement addressing the controversial encounters and requested the public to respect their artists’ personal time and privacy.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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