VIRAL: Video of BINI Aiah’s ‘uncomfortable’ encounter with male bar-goer draws fans’ ire


A viral video of a man being physically too close to BINI’s Aiah at a bar has sparked outrage and concern from fans and netizens.

The incident occurred at a bar in Cebu, Barrio Bar & Lounge, which was identified in circulating clips on various social media platforms.

An X user, @notpeupeu7, reshared a clip from TikTok showing a video taken at a bar where the Cebuana member can be seen visiting with her companions.

Aiah was initially accompanied by bodyguards at the entrance of the establishment but was left in the company of her companions as she went inside the bar where she was welcomed by other bar-goers.

However, upon watching the video, fans took notice of an individual who took Aiah by surprise after he got too close to her face and appeared to be recording the moment with his phone.

The uploader also expressed her anger over the encounter, writing in the caption, “Nagulat si Aiah, walang respeto. Know your limits people.”

The user also called out the lack of security for the artist.

Netizens criticized the man’s action and were quick to search for his identity online. Users eventually found out that the bar-goer also uploaded the videos he took of the BINI member to his Instagram account which is now set to private.

In the original video uploaded by the viral bar-goer, the man can be seen recording the arrival of the artist at the bar.

As Aiah was walking by, he suddenly shouted, “You look so freaking [pretty]!”, which shocked the singer. From a distance, he also recorded a short clip of Aiah spending with her friends in their own space.

Another X user claimed that the bar in question had also shared the viral clip on its Instagram page.

Fans and netizens took to social media to express their anger and concern for Aiah’s encounter at the bar, which made her name a trending topic on X Philippines.

Meanwhile, BINI is set to hold its next concert, “Grand BINIverse,” at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on October 4, 2024. The announcement came after the group concluded their successful three-day concert at the New Frontier Theater.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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