Three Pinays make official debut in K-pop girl group UNIS


Filipinas Elisia Parmisano, Gehlee Dangca and Filipina-Korean Jin Hyeon-ju have officially made their debut under Kpop girl group UNIS.

Hyeon-ju was formerly a member of the group Cignature with her stage name “Belle”.

On March 27, UNIS released their mini-album “We UNIS”, alongside the music video of its lead track “Superwoman”.

UNIS stands as the all-girl group launched by F&F Entertainment, the co-producer of SBS survival show “Universe Ticket” where the group was initially formed.

The show saw participants from 128 countries gathered to compete for their places in eight spots in the new girl group.

The eight-member group is composed of Elisia, Gehlee, Hyeon-ju, South Koreans Seowon, Yunha, and Yoona, and Japanese Nana and Kotoko.

The group’s name, UNIS, holds a special meaning of “writing our story that began with the universe” and is derived from the phrases “Universe is Started” and “U&I Story”.

Following the conclusion of Universe Ticket last January, UNIS set up official accounts with their TikTok account garnering over 700,000 followers and posts amassing more than 10 million views as of writing.

Ahead of their debut, UNIS has been actively engaging in various domestic and international activities including the release of teasing content as part of their debut promotion.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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